Uttar Pradesh: Video Shows Dalit Students Eating Meals Separately At School


A video has emerged from the Ballia district in Uttar Pradesh where the Dalit students were seen eating meals separately from other students during the mid-day meal hour at a government-run primary school.

The Uttar Pradesh government has now initiated an enquiry into the matter after opposition leader Mayawati tweeted about the incident and asked the government to intervene.

The opposition leader also asked the government to take strict action against the culprits for encouraging caste discrimination.

The District Magistrate of Ballia Dr Bhawani Singh Khangaraut visited the school on Thursday after the video reported showed the general and backward classes students carrying their own utensils as they refused to use the utensils supplied by the school as the Dalit students used them.

The District Magistrate Khangaraut said there is no such evidence found which indicated any clear signs of discrimination, he, however, said that an enquiry by the joint magistrate level has been ordered to investigate the matter in depth.

However, the principal of the school agreed that there were some feelings of discrimination among the students.

Source: Indian Express | Image: Indian Express
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