Coronavirus Lockdown: Muslim Residents Step In To Cremate Hindu Neighbour In Indore


Amidst the series of nationwide conflict where a group of one religion blames the other, an incident which happened recently is enough to prove that no God or religion is above humanity

A group of Muslim youths displayed their true sense of compassion and humanity after they carried the dead body of a 90-year-old Hindu man to be cremated as per the Hindu rituals in Malda district of West Bengal.

Binoy Saha breathed his last on April 8th and soon after his death, his family members were puzzled on a way to take him to the cremation ground as none of his relatives could arrive due to the nationwide lockdown.

It was then a group of youths belonging to the Muslim community volunteered to help the family carry the dead body to the cremation ground which was 15 Kilometres away.

They arranged a bamboo and cut it out into a bamboo bed. They then placed the body on the bamboo bed and carried it on their shoulder to the cremation ground.

Not only that, but the neighbours despite being from different religion also chanted the last rite slogan, ‘Bolo Hari, Hari Bol’ and ‘Ram Naam Satya Hai’ as they paraded with the body on their shoulders across the city.

They bore the burden of the mortal remains of Saha for a distance of 15 Kilometres which sent a lesson to the mankind.

In a similar incident to this, a group of Muslims took to cremate a body of a person belonging to the Hindu who had died due to coronavirus The relatives of the person denied accepting the body due to contamination and it was then they took the body for cremation.

At ‘Change For A Better India’ we salute the spirits of such good Samaritans who keep humanity above God and religion.

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