Centenarian Mother Dragged On A Cot By Her Daughter To The Bank After officials Asked For Physical Verification


In an incident, a woman had to drag her 100-year-old bedridden mother to the bank on a cot as the bank procedure required physical Verification of the woman to withdraw her pension.

Punjimati Dei (65) of Bargaon village in the Nuapada district of Odisha had to take the step as the officials wanted her mother in person for verification of the account holder.

The central government had issued monthly assistance of INR 500 to the Jan Dhan account holders and the woman was a beneficiary of the amount that was credited into her account.

As per the villagers, Punjimati had gone to the Utkal Grameen Bank to withdraw her mother’s pension of INR 1500 on June 9th.

The bank manager, however, told her that she had to bring her 100-year-old bedridden mother in person to be able to release the claim.

The video was shot by a local which then went viral on the social media drawing flak from the netizens.

The District Collector of the region Madhumita Sahoo came in defence and said that the bank manager had already offered to visit her house but the woman became restless and dragged her mother to the bank on the cot.

The Reserve Bank Of India has asked the banks to offer doorstep services for the senior citizens. Despite such orders, such an incident has come to the light.

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