Woman Escapes Death After Multi-Storey Building Comes Crashing Down In Front Of Her


A CCTV camera has captured the moment a woman has a brush with death after she manages to escape narrowly while passing beside a dilapidated building which collapsed just in a fraction of seconds.

The incident is from Moghalpura area in Hyderabad, Telangana, southern India and said to have occurred on14th October around 5.30 PM.

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The video shows a woman clad in a black burqa walking on the street when she suddenly makes a thrift movement and walks on the side.

 A building on the right side is seen immediately crashing down and soon a cloud of debris dust covers the visibility. 

Another man who was said to have been approaching from the other side managed to escape too.

The city authorities then arrived at the site of the collapse and cleared the debris and the remaining structure for once and all.

As per the police authorities, the building was vacant for almost two and a half years. 

Police officer A. Ravi said, ” The woman escaped without any scratch.” 
“The building has been lying abandoned for almost two and a half years.” 

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