BSF Officials Seize 11 Mobile Phones while being Smuggled Inside Pumpkin In The Indo-Bangladesh Border


The Border Security Forces (BSF) has arrested a man while he trying to smuggle 11 mobile phones inside a pumpkin in the Indo-Bangladesh border in Malda district of West Bengal on 29th September 2020. 

The video shows the officials recovering the mobile phones from inside the pumpkin. 

The mobiles are taken out one by one as one of the officials film the video. 

The officers worked on a tip of an Indian smuggler and alerted the troops in the Churiyatpur close to Tarabandi Gate No. 13 in the border area. 

The officials confronted the man and seized the goods worth INR 80,000 by cutting open the vegetable.

Cases of smuggling in the area are quite common as the land border is quite adjacent.

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