Born During Lockdown, Raipur Twins Named ‘Corona’ And ‘Covid’


A parent has named their twins, a boy and a girl as Corona and COVID to remind them of all the hardships and crisis that all the countries across the globe had to go through.

The twins were born to a couple in Raipur of Chhatisgarh, but they are still giving a thought to rename their babies after discussing the possible complexity that might arise later on.

Preeti Verma the mother of the twins told the Media, “The babies were born after a lot of hardships that we had to face due to the ongoing lockdown. It was then we decided to name our babies Corona and COVID to make it memorable.”

Preeti also said, “Although the virus is quite dangerous, it will remind us to maintain hygiene in our daily lives.”

Preeti went into labour late at night on March 26, and found it quite difficult to commute to the hospital as the ambulance was stopped at various police checkpoints due to the ongoing lockdown.

The babies were delivered in the wee hours of March 27th in just 45 minutes post the couple’s arrival at the Ambedkar Memorial Hospital.

The doctors performed a caesarian as the health condition of Preeti grew complicated due to the delay.

 “Soon after my children were born, the medical staffs also called out their name as Corona and COVID and it was then we decided to name the baby after the Pandemic,” said Preeti.

While some experts suggested that the naming might bring some other complexities later on including their documentation or living in a society.

The parents, for now, has decided to keep their names intact and are giving a second thought in changing it later on.

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