BJP Leader Who Was Caught Watching Porn In Assembly Is Now Karnataka Deputy CM


We all know politics is a complex thing, and the brilliant example of it is the appointment of a Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) as a deputy chief minister of Karnataka who was caught watching pornography inside the assembly. The Chief Minister of Karnataka, B.S Yediyurappa chose the BJP MLA Laxman Savadi to be one of his deputies to which the BJP has expressed resentment.

BJP MLA Laxman Savadi was caught watching porn along with another minister CC Patil in 2012 who was also given the Mines and Geology ministry in the cabinet.

Both of them later quit following a backlash while Savadi has denied watching porn inside the assembly.

He denied saying, “I was not watching porn but was watching the footage to discuss the ill effects of rave parties.”

The media had captured him watching a video on his mobile which had the content of a girl dancing and then stripping to ultimately have sex as per BBC reports. He was then seen showing his mobile phone to Patil.

The incident had then brought a huge embarrassment to the ruling party BJP.

Source: Outlook India | Image: India Today
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