Contractor Refuses To Pay Bribe Of 15 Lakhs INR, Burnt To Death By The Engineer


A cruel incident has emerged from Bihar where a Chief engineer in the water resources department set a man alight just because he refused to pay him a bribe.

The incident took place in Gopalganj of Bihar where the man finally succumbed to his burn injuries.

The chief engineer Murlidhar Singh asked a bribe of 15 Lakhs rupees from the victim Rama Shankar Singh to release the payment of 60 Lakhs that was due to him from the water resources department.

Rama Singh was given a contract to build the official residence of chief engineer and other houses at an amount of 2.2 Crores.

Rana Pratap Singh the son of the 55-year-old deceased lodged an FIR against the department’s chief engineer, executive engineer, assistant engineer and four others with the town police station.

As per the officials, the victim had gone to the house of the chief engineer to demand his dues when the incident occurred.

They both had a scuffle regarding the money and later Rama Singh was burnt under mysterious circumstances. He succumbed to his injuries while on his way to Gorakhpur.

The police have registered a complaint against the accused engineer and are investigating on the matter. They have neither declared it as a murder nor as an act of committing suicide.

“The probe is still on.” One of the investigating officers told the local media.

Source: Hindustan Times
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