Andhra Tourism Officer Beats Up Disabled Collague For Reminding Him To Wear Mask Inside The Office


A disabled woman was attacked by his senior colleague after she reminded him to wear a mask at the office in Dargamitta of Nellore city, Andhra Pradesh in south India.

The CCTV footage from 27th June 2020 shows the deputy manager of AP Tourism hotel in a fit of rage pulls the woman’s hair and thrashing her badly.

The visuals show the deputy manager C Bhaskar approaching the table of Checuri Usharani where she was sitting in the office and then holding her by her tuft and then assaulting her on her face and bak.

Immediately her fellow colleagues come to her rescue and finally gets her out of his clutches.

Later, Usharani went to the police station and registered a complaint against the rogue senior.

As per the First Information Report filed in the police station, Bhaskar thrashed her with the broken arm of the chair and used parliamentary language.

Bhaskar was arrested by the Nellore Police after the woman filed the FIR. Bhaskar was first taken for a COVID test before being remanded into the judicial custody.

He was charged under section 354, 355 and 324 of the Indian Penal code.

It is being said that the culprit had held a long grudge against the employee and in the past had tried to spread rumours degenerating the character of the victim that was quashed by her husband Veeragandham.

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