Amity University Students Clash Over Parking, 2 Brutally Thrashed


Thrashed by a gang of 15-20 students, two Amity University students-Harsh Yadav and Madhav Chaudhary seek Justice.

Being rendered extended support by Twitteratis , #Justice for Harsh and for Madhav have been trending at the top 10 on Twitter since Tues morning.

On account of such a brutal assault, a case against several students of the university has been Regis on the day of the incident, 28 August.

The victims , pursuing BA Pol Sc. , Informed that the issue erupted as a consequence of an argument over parking cars outside the campus.

He further added that he was in his I20 and was looking for parking while a girl in her Ford Endeavour parked her car in the middle of the road.

Upon being asked to move her car, the girl began to argue.

However,the argument didn’t end.

He parked his car elsewhere.

Two cross FIRs ,one from Harsh and the other from the girl stating that she was molested by the 2 boys have been lodged.

On confronting her again, the girl not only abused and threatened him but also came along with her male friends,who then ,assaulted the poor victims mercilessly.

The CCTV footages of the area are being examined following the FIRs filed by the victims and the accused girl.

Source: Hindustan Times 
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