33-Year-Old Mumbai Woman Stabs Husband 11 Times, Slits His Throat


Source: Hindustan Times

A gruesome incident has come to light after a woman confessed to having stabbed her 36-year-old husband to death in the Nallasopara area of the Mumbai suburb in Maharashtra. The woman stabbed her husband 11 times and slit his throat in the end following a fight early morning around 5 AM on Wednesday on 21st August 2019.

The woman initially claimed her husband committed suicide by stabbing himself but confessed to the crime after the police grilled her with tough questions. Pranali had entered the kitchen on pretext of having a glass of water when she grabbed the knife and went to the bedroom to stab her sleeping husband.

The victim identified as Sunil Kadam (36) is survived by his parents, two daughters and the murderer wife Pranali who has been booked under the IPC section 302 and arrested by the police.

While the incident looks straight out of a Bollywood movie, it has shocked many including the relatives and neighbours who have demanded strict action against the woman.

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