Punjab: Meet Traffic Cop Who Fills Up Potholes On Bhatinda Roads


We have all heard about a good cop and bad cop, and today we are going to tell you about a good cop who has undertaken a tedious task to fill the potholes to make the life of the commuters easier.

Gurbksh Singh is a regular traffic cop from Bhatinda in Punjab who uses mud with interlocking tiles to fill the potholes on the roads to ensure smooth traffic and experience to the road users.

He has been hailed by the public for his exemplary work and has also been rewarded for his hard work.

Gurbksh Singh says, “Our gurus have said, serving mankind is the biggest act of devotion and I will continue to do this even after my retirement.”

One of the senior police officials said, “His colleagues also help him in this social service, and he has been given a cash reward of INR 1000 by the department and also has his name recommended for promotion.”

A commuter who hailed his efforts said, “This cop is so generous that he doesn’t complain of not getting paid for this, he does double the amount of work for the same salary.”

“The other traffic cops who harass the motorists on the road and issue wrong challans should learn it from him as to how one should serve mankind. His efforts might have avoided hundreds of accidents.”

Source: ANI | Image: News Live TV
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