Meet This 70-YO Rani From Tamil Nadu Who Serves Idli To The Poor For Free


While the Internet has not even forgotten the 80-year-old humble K. Kamlathal who sells Idli for a mere 1 re, another 70-year-old Rani has become the new star who gives out free Idlis to her customers who cannot pay for their food.

Rani runs an Idli store near Agni Theertham in Rameshwaram in Tamil Nadu.

While she works tirelessly to earn meagre to support herself, she also provides food to the poor for free.

She doesn’t have a price list for the food items but feels that the customer who can afford are free to pay 30 Rs. in an area where each plate Idli costs at least 60 Rs. in other shops.

As Rani showers love equally to all her customers (both paying and non-paying) people visit in huge numbers to have the taste of the food that she prepares.

Rani says, “I do not have a proper shop what I have a temporary makeshift arrangement. People come to me only because of the love I shower on them. I never treat them as my customers rather I consider them as a member of my family.”

She cooks wooden fire thus making it more affordable and also free for her customers.

Rakku, who works as a helping hand to Rani says, “She never pesters any customer to pay for food. Even if anyone doesn’t have money we serve them food.”

Her food is not only famous among the locals but tourists alike who also come just to see her distributing free food to the poor.

Source: India Times | Patrika
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