Humanity Above Religion: Muslim Brothers Cremate Their Brahmin Uncle According To Hindu Rituals


Nothing is more serene than this example of humanity which these three Muslim brothers set in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

It is an epic incident of three Muslim brothers who embraced the Hindu customs and rituals for a day to give a funeral to their best friend’s father who was a Hindu Brahman.

Brothers Abu, Naseer and Zuber Qureshi who make their living as labourers and typically follow their religion strictly haven’t skipped Ramzan fast ever and offers Namaaz five times a day.

Their best friend’s father Bhanushankar Pandya got the funeral by these brothers just the way as he would have wanted.

These brothers didn’t give it a second thought when it came about wearing Dhotis and Janeu (Sacred Brahmin thread) for performing Pandya’s last rites on Saturday.

Zuber said: “When Bhanushankar uncle was counting his last breath, we brought him Gangajal from a Brahmin family and told our neighbours that we want to perform his last funeral as per Hindu culture.”

“We were told that to wear Janeu as it is a must before lifting a bier and we agreed without any doubt.”

Naseer’s son, Armaan, who lit the pyre is also going to have his head tonsured on 12th day as per the Hindu Custom.

Pandya and Bhikhu Qureshi, the father of Muslim brothers were best friends who used to work together and Pandya was left broken after Qureshi’s death.

Pandya was also one of those people who gave humanity and friendship more priority over religion as he also used to celebrate Eid with Qureshi and family.

Abu said: “He had no family so he became a part of our family.”

“We had family connections and we used to celebrate all the festivals like a family together.”

“Our kids would touch his feet to seek blessings and Pandya uncle also never forgot to buy gifts for them on Eid,” Naseer added.

Two persons from different religions lived totally in harmony with each other.

More examples of such sort of Communal harmony need to be set and such kind of great deeds never go unnoticed.

Parag Trivedi, vice-president of Amreli Jilla Brahm Samaj, said, “By performing Bhanushankar’s last rites according to the Hindu rituals. Muslim brothers have set an excellent example of kindness, humanity and communal harmony “.

Source & Image: India Times
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