Video: MP Cop Earns Plaudits After Gifting New Clothes To Poor Elderly Woman


A heartwarming video has emerged of a cop gifting clothes and slippers to a poor woman in the Damoh district of Madhya Pradesh.

A video doing rounds on the social media shows the female cop Shradha Shukla who is the in-charge of the Magron police station in the Damoh district handing over clothes to a destitute woman and making her wear the pair of slippers and the newly gifted dress.

The woman bursts into tears upon seeing the gratitude of the police officer.

The video has since then garnered a lot of views with comments pouring in from the social media fraternity.

Even the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh Shivraj Chauhan tweeted in praise of the female officer and said, “Daughters understand everyone’s sorrow as they were the light of every household.”

The netizens too commented saluting the officer in respect for the wonderful move made by her.

One of the social media users said, ‘Look, this should be the real face of Police, the other officials should learn from this humble lady. Respect!!“

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