Meet K Kamalathal, The 80-Year-Old Woman Who Sells Idlis For Just Re 1 For The Past 30 Years


If you are quite impressed with the kind of feminism you see on the internet, probably it is the time you get off your couch and pay a visit to the real world where you can come across a live example of women empowerment. One such woman who inspires us all is the 80-year-old woman K Kamalathal who has a shop and sells Idli for just 1 Rupee.

Yes probably you might be wondering if the price mentioned above has a second digit missing, but no you read that right, ‘One rupee’ only.

K Kamalathal started selling Idlis for 50 Paise, thirty years ago and has raised her price to just another 50 paise 10 years ago because the coins are outdated now.

K Kamalathal is already used to cooking for a large number of people, having stayed in a joint family. It is no big deal for her as she easily manages to grind the spices and batter to make those fluffy idlis. She makes sure her ingredients are fermented fresh.

She has kept her pricing minimal keeping in mind about her customers who are usually from the lower-middle background and cannot afford much to fill their stomach.

She sells around 1000 idlis a day while making a minor profit in the margin. Many have suggested that she raise her pricing but she has refused to do so.

What can be more fantastic than this woman who proves that anything is possible if there is a will to serve for good. She has given a lot to the society and it is our time that we give her share of fame and respect.

Source & Image: India Times
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