Madhya Pradesh: Heroic Dad Dies Saving 3 Kids In Kolar Floodwaters


A man who died while trying to save his 3 kids from the Kolar flood water has now been declared as a hero.

Rizwan Khan (35) who worked as a school bus driver was on a picnic with his extended family at Baba Jhiri in Kolar when the incident occurred.
Rizwan and his three children were stuck on a rocky outcrop where the water saw a rise in its level every second.

The man pushed his three children to safety first and then tried coming out himself but was left stuck after his feet got stuck underneath the stones.

According to the CSP Bhupinder Singh, the children were playing with the man in the shallow water that was coming from the Kerwa dam when the water started rising suddenly due to the downpour.

Within moments the area was flooded with water, Rizwan took two of his children to safety but when he came for the third, the current was high enough.

He somehow managed to rescue the third child but got his right foot stuck in under the weight of the rocks and stones, soon the current swept him away.

His wife and brother in law rushed for help after which the villagers and the police started the search in a joint rescue mission.

The mission was hampered due to the current of the water and after a constant effort, the body of Rizwan was found.

The police registered a case of accident later.

Source & Image: Times of India
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