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Tik Tok Star Siya Kakkar Commits Suicide At 16 In Her Delhi Residence

While we were still reeling from Sushant Singh Rajput’s death, yet another news brings gloom to the glamour industry with the death of 16-year-old Tik Tok star and dancer Siya Kakkar. Siya committed suicide in her Delhi residence at Preet Vihar today on June 25th 2020. The shocking revelation was made by her Manager Arjun […]

Hindustan Unilever Weighs on Rebranding Fair And Lovely Cream Amidst Global Backlash On Skin Lightening Products

Hindustan Unilever has thought of rebranding its Fair and Lovely cream after there was a global backlash regarding the skin Lightening products as it created a difference between skin tones. It is just another move after Johnson & Johnson discontinued its skin whitening products after a major backlash in the Middle-East and India after the […]

Viral Video Shows A Man Brutally Thrashing His Wife As Their Infant Cries In Front of Them

Heartbreaking visuals have emerged of a man thrashing his wife while their infant continues to cry on the floor. A video circulating on Twitter shows the man pulling his wife by her hair tightly and thrashing her as she screams in pain. The man continues to yell at her as his hands remain tightly gripped […]

More Pyre Platforms Added to manage the Rush in Delhi

With the increasing number of Coronavirus cases in the Indian capital, there has also been a surge in the deaths creating a waiting list of infected bodies to be cremated. The crematoria have been flooded with infected bodies to be cremated making it insufficient for all the cremations to be done on a single day. […]

Rajasthan Man forced to drink Urine, Thrashed For Having An Affair With A Woman

A shocking incident has emerged of a man being beaten and forced to drink urine in Sirohi of Rajasthan, for having an alleged affair with a married woman. Kalu Ram Dewasi (20) lodged a complaint against 6 men for abducting him and forcing him to drink urine on 15th June. SHO (Station Head Officer) Ravindra Singh […]

Robbers Have A Change Of Heart, Returns Valuables To The Delivery Boy After He Breaks Down

Heartwarming visuals have emerged of robbers having a change of heart and returning the valuables stolen from a delivery guy after he breaks down into tears. The CCTV footage from June 15th shows the robbers on a moped turning back and reaching near the delivery boy to returns the valuables that were robbed from him […]

Centenarian Mother Dragged On A Cot By Her Daughter To The Bank After officials Asked For Physical Verification

In an incident, a woman had to drag her 100-year-old bedridden mother to the bank on a cot as the bank procedure required physical Verification of the woman to withdraw her pension. Punjimati Dei (65) of Bargaon village in the Nuapada district of Odisha had to take the step as the officials wanted her mother […]

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