Shahid Kapoor Defends Mira On Marrying Him At The Age Of 20


Too judgemental .. Aren’t we ??

Our so-called modern society is always lurking with the thoughts of judging almost everyone around us, especially when that someone happens to be a woman.

We don’t even spare the well-known celebrities and their wives, let alone the common women.
But is it just on our part to do so?

Asks the beau actor, Shahid Kapoor in an interview.

Having tied the knot in a tradition Anand Karan ceremony in 2015, Shahid and Mira welcomed their first baby after 18 months.

The 38-year old actor is 13 years older than his wife.

The actor expresses his annoyance at the criticism and constant judgements that his wife has been receiving for marrying at 20 and being a mother at the age of 22.

The actor stands by his wife and questions the critics not to judge anyone on the choices they make.

Rather, he asserts “Let everyone be who they want to be. Decide for yourself who you want to be and learn to respect who somebody wants to be. It’s essential”.

He appreciates the maturity, conviction in his wife and refutes all the debates about the choices that she had made.

He challenges if anybody can exhibit such conviction in the early ’20s.

He said that she was always clear that by the age of 25, she had been done being a wife and had two kids and quality time for herself.

He further adds, ” I don’t want anybody to decide for me who I choose to be. What kind of man I want to be is my choice and that same needs to hold for a woman”.

He remarks that empowering women is to support the choices that they make rather than judging them and keep questioning or criticizing them.

Shahid Kapoor happens to be an unusual actor who has articulated his thoughts so well.

He is an epitome of a balanced contemporary man who refuses to blindly support the conventions of the overcritical society which is keen on judging women for what they do and what they don’t.

In the modern era, we hold respect for working women and disregard the homemakers but is modernization all about this?

Empowerment was never solely about the women working to earn and not being the nurturers.

Women empowerment is all about letting women make their choices and not letting anyone else decide it for them. Question or criticize, it remains a fact. Let them live the way they choose to be.

Source: News 18 | Image: Shahid Kapoor/Instagram
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