Stop Using Plastic!! Vets Remove 52 Kg Of Plastic From The Stomach Of A Cow


In an incident, a team of vets had to remove at least 52 Kgs of plastic from the stomach of a cow through surgery that lasted for five hours in Vapery, Chennai of Tamil Nadu.

The bovine had ingested the plastic for over 2 years while foraging for food from the bins.

The vets also found, nails, screws and coins inside the stomach of the cow apart from the non-biodegradable trash.

The cow was purchased by its owner while it was six-months pregnant and had just given birth to healthy calves 20-days ago.

The cow still had consistent problems in defecating and urinating. It also faced difficulty while yielding milk and would frequently kick itself in the stomach.

The owner who noticed the unusual activities of the bovine took it for a check-up to the vets who then discovered the presence of the foreign materials inside its stomach after an X-ray and Ultrasound.

The X-ray and Ultrasound reports revealed the 75% of the rumen (One of the four chambers of the cow’s stomach) filled with the plastic and posed a serious threat to its health.

Dr Velvan Assistant Professor and Surgeon said: “We had to give special anaesthesia to the animal to perform the surgery.”

“The 75% of the trash was filled in the rumen had to be removed carefully as the rumen is quite delicate and most of the trash was attached on the walls, a slight mistake could damage the walls of the rumen thus posing a serious threat to the life of the cow.”

Dr Balasubramanian the director of TANUVAS said: “The surgery was performed on October 18th and the amount of plastic waste recovered from its stomach was heavy and weighing as much as 52 Kilos.”

“The operation began at 11:30 AM and concluded around 4:30 PM. The surgery usually takes 2 hours but the amount of trash ingested for over 2 years was quite a lot that took so much time to clear them.”

Image: ANI
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