Coronavirus: Bihar Government To Bear Treatment Expenses Of COVID-19 Patients, Says Nitish Kumar


The Bihar government has tried to pacify its netizens and announced that any patient that tests positive for the deadly COVID-19 will be given free treatment and any expenses that incur will be borne by the state government.

 The announcement came from the state’s Chief Minister Nitish Kumar amidst fear and panic regarding the deadly COVID-19 aka Corona Virus.

Mr. Nitish made the announcement from the state assembly and any expenses that will be borne will come from the Chief Minister’s relief fund.

The announcement was not only limited to the bearing of the expenses of the disease and hospital charges but also Mr. Nitish promised a sum of 4 Lakhs Indian Rupees to the kin of the deceased in case of any patient that dies due to the Corona Virus Disease.

The state has closed the public parks, shopping malls and any public gathering till 31st March with immediate effect.

He said Group C and Group D personnel of all government departments have been asked to report for duty on alternate days to prevent crowding on office premises.

Apart from all the announcement he also educated the masses on ways to check the spread of the deadly virus and practice as well as maintain proper hygiene to avoid catching the airborne disease.

He added that anybody found with symptoms is quarantined and are re going to receive proper medical support from the government and also that the medical facilities are strengthened and prepared to handle any crisis that arises in the future.

Source & Image:  NDTV
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